Cruise Over To This Hip Hangout. After the last original Mel's closed in the 1970s, Mel Weiss's son Steven Weiss and partner Donald Wagstaff opened the first of a next generation of Mel's Drive-In restaurants in 1985. Actor Paul Le Mat turns 70 today - he was born 9-22 in 1945. Mel's Drive In Diner - American Graffiti painting. Where is the dazzling beauty I've been searching for all my life? However, when Universal Studios recreated the diners at their theme parks in Hollywood, Orlando, Japan, and Singapore, they opted to include the apostrophe in all Mel's Drive-In signage, literature, and media. However, the prominent play given to the location has been credited with saving Mel’s from possibly going totally out of business. [8][9][10][11], In October 1963, the Mel's Drive-In chain was picketed and subjected to a sit-in by the Ad Hoc Committee to End Discrimination over the fact that while the restaurant would serve food to African Americans and hired them as cooks, they were not allowed to work “up front” where they could be seen by white customers. The elder Weiss sold his company to Larry Spergel in 1994, who formed a group of about 50 stockholders that now owns the chain. There were a few drive-ins in Modesto that fit the description - none of them a Mel's. The Mel's used was located at 140 South Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco. Ultra Swank is a claimed trademark (TM) and may not be imitated or reproduced in any way. [2] As of 2020, there are 7 Mel's drive-in locations in Northern and Southern California and one Mel's Kitchen. In fact, Dennis Kay, who was working as director of operations for Foster’s West who were the owners of Mel’s at the time was put in charge to make arrangements for the filming. Yes No. The Hollywood Regency style building was designed by S. Charles Lee and built in 1935. C $29.60 to C $52.51. Some Mel's Drive-In locations are not actually drive-ins, but rather diners. American Graffiti "Mels Drive-In" T-Shirt - through 5X. The American Graffiti Mels Drive In T Shirt. Are you an American Graffiti or a Mels Diner fan. Mels Kitchen (Now open!) Buy It Now. Are you an aspiring blogger? Inspired by similar restaurants serving motorists in Los Angeles, Mel Weiss and Harold Dobbs founded Mel’s Drive-In restaurants in 1947 in San Francisco, California. click here for more info & to find an original mels near you! Mel's restaurants have since been featured in other media, such as Melrose Place (1996, Season 5, Episode 1), Doonesbury comics (December 18, 1989), and the book The American Drive-in by Mike Witzel. [3][4][5][6] That site was almost demolished to build housing. The picture is filled in with pencil and colored pencils plus charcoal pencil on all black areas. Filmautos. The only reason this drive-in was selected was because it was the only one of the era that could be found that had trees high enough behind it to block out the modern buildings in the background. Mels Drive in San Francisco! Item Description: The American Graffiti Mels Drive In adult t-shirt is made from 100% pre-shrunk medium weight cotton.. Every item we sell is original and fully licensed.

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