Passion, courage and trust in the enormous quality potential that Puglia, and especially the areas of Castel del Monte and Salento were able to express, inspired the Antinoris to invest in the region. Agr. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Currently it’s produced not only in Trani but also in 11 other municipalities in the province of Barletta, an area between the Murgia and the Adriatic Sea. Wandering through the countryside is an unforgettable experience in itself. It is no coincidence that it’s known as “The Barolo of the South” as the variety has the same bold tannins, enormous potential for aging and complexity as Nebbiolo. All our wines are Italian, and we consider each to be a prime example of its type, and each to offer great value for its price. It has been confused with Pinot Bianco for many years however genetic research has revealed that it is a hybrid between Pinot Nero and Gouais Blanc that occurred spontaneously perhaps during the Carolingian era. September, 21 2015. Culminate with the colourful Sicilian cassata cake with a duo of white and barrel-aged San Leonardo grappas. These wines are pleasant and have good aromatic finesse. The name Chardonnay comes from the village named Chardonnay in the Mâconnais region in Burgundy. This is well detailed in a historical document found in the area in which Charles II of Anjou gave orders to find and plant 1600 of these vines in his estates in the Foggia region. ". “Apiana” came from the term “Apina” which later became “Afiana” and finally “Fiano”. "If I'm sounding excited by the food, you should have seen... the wine list" - Richard Vines - BLOOMBERG. We are working to extend shipping also in your country. Enter your email to enjoy our Newlsetter, update on products, events and more. Enter your email to enjoy our Newlsetter, update on products, events and more. The wine was run off its skins directly into 60 gallon oak barrels, principally French, where it went through a complete malolactic fermentation and aged for 15 months before bottling. - P. IVA 01885350742. Our menus are changed every day - twice a day - as we try to keep up with the changing seasons. Agr. "Fiano is one of the most important grape varieties, together with Negroamaro and Aglianico, introduced into Italian territory by the Greeks more than 2,000 years ago, Its original name, ""Vitis Apicia"", comes from the fact that this grape’s sweet scent attracted swarms of bees into the vineyards. The price has been stable over the past year.This is the second most popular Castel del Monte wine. ESTATE VISITS AND WINE TASTING: . Soak the dried fava beans overnight. The list is not exactly short, but Italy is home to over 500 varieties of grape. Tofano, Minervino Murge (BT) 70055 Italy. Our wines all say 'Salute!' An elegant wine … Fractures, chasms, gullies, ravines, sinkholes and ponors are the most obvious signs of these extraordinary natural transformations. Together with Aglianico, it is the noblest grape in Imperial Apulia. The desire to rediscover this noble and austere varietal by offering an authentic apulian interpretation drove Tormaresca's project. Per saperne di più e per modificare le tue preferenze consulta la nostra, The varietals of one of the most prestigious DOC in Puglia. Fiano, well-known and cultivated in the Avellino area, thrived in Apulia prior to the phylloxera disaster. Come and discover Tormaresca's taste and soul. Chardonnay vines prefer warm-temperate climates, hilly terrains made of clay and limestone and a cool breezy environment. The idea that, from the start, characterized Tormaresca's production philosophy was to produce great wines from autochtonous varietals. Cabernet Sauvignon is memorable not only for its fascinating aromas and decisive flavors but also for the structure and body of its wines that allow winemakers to endeavor in longer periods of maceration and aging in wood barrels, particularly French oak. A further two year period of bottle aging followed. Società Agricola A R.L. Our wines all say 'Salute!' The ideal territory for cultivating these vines is on calcareous soils where the microclimate softens its harshness. It’s rich in polyphenols and requires careful clonal selection. - 'To your health!' Reserve a Visit. This is the highest-priced Castel del Monte wine. If you are a register customer, please sign in here. Consequatur aliquam quibusdam ex eaque tenetur explicabo voluptate esse nulla illo nobis. We update the menu below once a week, as a guide to our seasonal produce, and apologise for any discrepancies when you visit. Per offrirti una migliore esperienza questo sito utilizza cookie di profilazione. September, 24 2015. Bocca di Lupo is the spark that lit the enological dream of the Tormaresca estate. - and are sourced with a great deal of care and attention. Specifically these grapevine varieties maintain their unique identity while at the same time adapt to the area’s climatic conditions becoming part of the natural habitat in the calcareous clay soils and cool breezy climate of Alta Murgia. We are working to extend shipping also in your country, The estate is located in the countryside of Minervino Murge in Apulia, the DOC region of Castel del Monte, an area well known for the beauty of its wild, untamed landscape and for its devotion to the sport of hunting. The Castel del Monte region extends inside the perimeter of the National Park of Alta Murgia and is closely related to its surrounding municipalities of Andria , Barletta, Bisceglie, Canosa di Puglia, Corato, Margherita di Savoia, Minervino Murge, San Ferdinando di Puglia, Spinazzola, Trani and Trinitapoli. Grape varieties cultivated in this region are Aglianico, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Fiano Puglia, Moscato Reale and Nero di Troia, Bocca di Lupo winery is gracefully set within the estate’s 140 hectares of vineyards; its fortified stone structure and bright white walls made of ttough ricks were built upholding ancient building traditions typical of manor farms in the Murgia area. BURNT WHEAT ORECCHIETTI WITH FAVA BEAN PURÉE, BLACK OLIVES AND AGED RICOTTA. In a land of red wines, an outstanding white. This land was adopted by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and was consequently given the nickname of Imperial Apulia. The barrel cellar is deep inside the winery. It is grown only in limited areas. A R.L. Tormaresca Soc. Harsh winters, temperatures that fluctuate dramatically, deep ravines, thick fog often covering the vineyards and especially its proximity to the ancient volcano Vulture are only some of the characteristics of this territory that rewards patient hard work with precious harvests. FLAVOR: An elegant wine with firm tannins, a very important structure, balance and a round texture, and a lengthy and persistent finish and aftertaste. Hello, please fill the form to book a visit in our estate, Per offrirti una migliore esperienza questo sito utilizza cookie di profilazione. - P. IVA 01885350742. Elegance and balance in the smoothest expression of Aglianico. An incredibly pleasant dessert wine, never too sweet thanks to a bright acidity, The Estate will be closed from the 8th to the 19th of August, From monday to friday 9.00 - 12.30 / 14.00 - 17.00. We currently ship only to Italy. One of the most noble varietal of southern Italy, The white grape that travels all over the world, The rediscovery of a varietal present in Puglia since 2000 years. Prov.le 86 per Torre San Gennaro km 5,00 San Pietro Vernotico (BR) 72027 Italy, Loc. A R.L. Tofano, Minervino Murge (BT) 70055 Italy. A cultural heritage that echoes the myths and legends of its past and that has accompanied man’s presence over the centuries. La Tenuta Bocca di Lupo, siamo nell’area DOC Castel del Monte, ha 140 ettari vitati con uve autoctone ed internazionali, allevati in un clima caldo in estate ma con inverni rigidi a 300 metri sul livello del mare. Demand for this wine has fallen over ... Stores and prices for 'Tormaresca Bocca di Lupo Castel del Monte, Puglia' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. We currently ship only to Italy. Full-bodied and suitable for long periods of aging are the qualities that contribute to its complex and harmonious character in the glass. Continuando la navigazione acconsenti all’utilizzo dei cookie. Tormaresca Soc. The identity of the apulian Aglianico from a unique terroir. Soppresata dei Medici - pig's head cured with medieval spicing, Fettucine with girolles, garlic & parsley, Artichoke & ricotta ravioli, marjoram, pine nuts & brown butter, Paccheri with scorpion fish, tomato & chilli, Spaghetti with clams, chilli, garlic & parsley, Rigatoni con la pajata - milk-fed calf's intestines with the mother's milk inside, tomato & pecorino, Fossil fish - bream in a sarcophagus of salt, Roast suckling pig with fragola grapes, chestnuts, white wine & bay leaves. Fox News: Tormaresca, wines from Italy's stiletto, Locus Festival 2017 - Tormaresca official partner, Bocca di Lupo hosts 2015 Jeep taste and drive, Tormaresca in the latest Wine Advocate ratings, Uffici PRODUZIONE - LOGISTICA AMMINISTRAZIONE, Str. La responsabile di produzione è Laura Minoia. It is a vine that was brought to the Apulian coast by Greek sailors more than two thousand years ago. A versatile vine that is able to adapt itself to a wide variety of climatic conditions and winemaking techniques. The idea that, from the start, characterized Tormaresca's production philosophy was to produce great wines from autochtonous varietals. The grapes were picked fully mature in order to assure a wine of complete ripeness. Delicate methods were utilized during the period of skin contact in order to insure a gradual and balanced extraction of color and structuring elements, and the overall period of skin contact lasted 18 days.

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