Ours is a classic, quintessential London Dry gin. TOM STOCKILL. The co-founder of gin distillery Sipsmith shares his top tips for launching a start-up. When drawing inspiration from The Championships, our choice is in an incredible abundance. Both Wimbledon and Sipsmith are heritage brands with a commitment to excellence and the ambition to share our stories globally. The partnership with Wimbledon is the latest chapter in Sipsmith’s story of continuing growth and prominence. And we thought, that's the point. You’ll find a selection of magazine content, including articles, tastings, plus information about how you can subscribe. Childhood friends Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall founded Sipsmith in 2009 after battling to overturn a law to enable them to create the first small batch gin distillery in London in almost 200 years. Today, to my mind, the banks seem to be reasonably supportive. Our catch-22 was we couldn't get a licence without a distillery, but we couldn't invest in a still without the licence. He's written fifty books on the subject including a massive tome called Spirituous Journey: A History of Drink. To enter, simply answer the question correctly below: *T&Cs apply, some territories excluded, ends 30.09.20. A milestone moment in the story of British Gin distilling, in 2009 Sipsmith became the first copper-pot based distillery to start up in London for 189 years.. I'd go up to New York to visit Sam and we discovered all these micro (spirit) distilleries and we thought, that's brilliant. It's a different process and a different scale. Sales is Sam's gig. Fairfax Hall, Sipsmith co-founder, said: “It is a genuine honour to become one of Wimbledon’s exclusive partners. We have shared a commitment to quality, integrity and legacy creation, with people at the heart of all that we do. Our families are friends. It took six months for the London Dry. But we thought, that's not how it would have been done back in the day. And there are some quite good government-backed schemes. My wife Eloise was and is super-supportive. When Sam and I started the process, it was fantastic to have a great friend to lean on. })(window,document,'script','//www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js','ga'); One hundred per cent. The Artesian in The Langham Hotel has been voted the best bar in the world for two or three years out of the last five. And a classic Martini. As one of the founders of Sipsmith, do you come from a long line of distillers? Liam Kelly. If you imagine the gin flowing from the still in one long line, we cut off the first bit, the "heads", the high alcohol content, and throw that away, then we keep the "heart", the nice stuff in the middle, and then throw the "tails", the stuff that scratches the throat. And you have to have the support of your partner. How long have you lived in the area? We sold our houses. Sipsmith founders Jared Brown, Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall, from left. In 2006, he cut a lot of the red tape and we saw that as our green light. Icons of Gin We only keep the good stuff. We still have a piece of paper from the Royal Bank of Scotland promising us hundreds of thousands purely on the strength of our business plan, but that was very rapidly withdrawn. The hours you put in, it's all consuming. We invented the word. Gin crew: Sam Galsworthy, left, and Fairfax Hall with Sipsmith’s three stills, Prudence, Patience and Verity. Proud to have played a part in pioneering the craft gin boom and setting the bar for uncompromising excellence, we are absolutely thrilled to formally announce our partnership with The Championships, Wimbledon, who we are joining as their Official Gin Partner. They loved that it was a move away from the concept that big is always best. My father said, that really is smithery. At the time, the government said the quantity of gin they planned to produce – … Be the first to hear what's happening in the Distillery, including exclusive offers. These values have undoubtedly led Wimbledon to become a pinnacle of international sport, and Sipsmith … Fairfax Hall, Sipsmith Co-Founder, said in a press release: "It is a genuine honour to become one of Wimbledon’s exclusive partners. It was an option when we first started in 2007, but it wasn't an option when we came to launch in December 2008 because Lehman Brothers had just gone down. One small voice shouting about the quality of handmade gin is difficult to hear. Stirred. ga('send', 'pageview'); But we were naïve.

No, I come from a line of smiths. Is that viable, throwing away two thirds? We knew no one would take us seriously, even family and friends, unless we put our own necks on the line. gin-mag.com is the official web site for Gin Magazine. Isle of Bute Gin releases new nature-inspired range – which will you try first. Sunday July 01 2018, 12.01am, The Sunday Times. ga('create', 'UA-60336171-1', 'auto'); It smoothes out the nasty stuff in the alcohol, the ethers and the fatty acids.

All the big commercial brands are all made from concentrates. Who has the final say? Ultimately, there's a mutual veto. It would have been completely impossible if we hadn't put our necks on the line. How does your gin taste different from other gins? Sipsmith becomes the first official gin partner of Wimbledon. – Icons of Gin 2018, Sipsmith becomes first gin partner for Wimbledon, Slingsby Rhubarb Gin is hitting your TV screen this winter. Since I got married in 2005 when we bought a house off Askew Road. That meant a classic London dry gin because London was essentially the home of gin.

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