If you want to give the Prince a flashy weapon for when they rise to full power, I recommend a vorpal sword. But they learn to actively harness that too and use it to their advantage in battle. What they do: Mages understand their aspect, often by suffering through it. This could easily lead to everything spiraling into disaster. Mind can also represent memories, so maybe they’re suppressing the past, desperate to reform themself into something new and better and more appealing, and that’s why they act like a Heart player. They can teleport to various unoccupied spaces in the blink of an eye. Upon ascending, the Rogue of Life would be an excellent support hero. Teleporting them all around, shrinking and growing them, etc. The Sylph’s nurturing nature would at first seem suspicious to the Rogue, but gradually the Rogue would come to trust the Sylph as they feel their feelings start to grow. The consorts here are all very shy and often stay hidden in the beautiful vases that they have created and painted. So for the Rogue of Blood, maybe you could go for something with some precision, such as bowkind, crossbowkind, or yoyokind. It is also, according to Homestuck, a giant trippy frog. level 2 thanks for nothing andrew They are the type of person to empathize with many people, but at the start of their character arc they’re usually kind of flighty, so they won’t bother to try and understand at first. Finally in addition to applying all the aspects of Space to themselves (speed, size, location) they might be able to turn themselves into space itself. As for a strife specibus, Princes usually have something powerful that is often meaningful to them. Finding a good moirail for the Rogue will be difficult, not because they are unpleasant but simply because of their flighty and unattached nature. The Heir Of Space, the one who manipulates, becomes, and is protected by creation, matter, and the Genesis Frog. They can’t heal/passively create Blood like a Sylph can, nor can they actively create it like a Maid, but the Rogue can strengthen what’s already there. An interesting effect would be if every time the Prince kills someone, a bell tolls from the weapon, signifying their death. Just because this is a Mage of Heart we’re talking about doesn’t mean they have to lose their hearing like Meulin did, but keep in mind that they’re likely to lose one of their senses in general. The Mage of Heart must learn about the consorts’ emotions, biases in the way they tend to their cacti, and true identities. Kind of like a giant anime mecha suit, except, well, it’s a frog. They could destroy clocks, or maybe they’re always late for everything, their passive attitude allowing them to not care about wasting everyone else’s time. They could wipe the minds of their enemies clean, leaving them confused and disoriented so they’d become easier targets. This is happening. For example; they see a movie about giant monsters invading the earth. First, to manipulate Space. At first the stars seem useless, appearing to be nothing more than shining rocks. Alternatively, they could have too much time on their hands, and they hate that, so they distract themself with their creative endeavors. As someone influenced by Space and able to impart their own influence on it they could alter they’re size and speed to fit situations. They might be the type to space out frequently, lost in their creative thoughts. For both the Heir and their enemy. So a Prince of Time would start off acting like a Space player. On a larger scale, an extremely powerful Prince of Time could cause the destruction of entire timelines, or even destroy the Time rushing towards them, freezing it all. We don’t know much about the strife specibi of Blood players apart from sickles. He is significantly weakened and can no longer hear, allowing players to have better success with attacking him. If you want to get really self-destructive, they could be the type to bang their head against a wall repeatedly, trying to get the thoughts out that they so desperately want to avoid. The Heir of Space is someone who starts out passively embodying their aspect and having an abundance of it, often without realizing it. These two would come to understand and support each other, both on and off the battlefield. The sky is always dark because the denizen knocked all the stars from the sky, and now the frogs stay in the ponds, terrified that the denizen will steal the stars from the ponds too if they leave them. Now, personality wise, I would say the Heir Of Space is likely going to be someone naturally creative, creative since the day they’re born. Rogue powers often don’t benefit the Rogue themself, so they probably wouldn’t be able to use those healing abilities to save their own hide. By the time they’re much later into their character arcs, the Maid could become too pessimistic because of their aspect, but the Rogue’s friendly, caring nature will help them feel as if they are not alone in their struggles. So for this quadrant I suggest the Knight of Rage. Incredibly powerful when it comes to front-line fighting, although some of their abilities are kinda depressing. Destroying an enemy’s Time could also involve destroying their future and therefore freezing them in a timeless bubble. Only then will they be able to help all the consorts take off their hats and feel comfortable with their true selves. The use of emotions for destructive purposes could also involve gradually stirring up a crowd with their abilities until everyone is full of furious passion and a fight breaks out, turning the enemies against each other. Rufioh hid his desire for freedom from relationships, both with Damara and with Horuss. Maybe they act like a hippie artist, always relaxed and at ease as they make their creations. The consorts each tend to their own grove of cacti and care for them in a unique way, resulting in cacti that all look very unique. They would do things without thinking or even act randomly simply because they can. Princes are powerful offensive classes, and this one is no exception.

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