Fires a blast of compressed Erdas at nearby enemies. All Ground Strike skills’ damage are increased by 130%p. Most of the time it is better to use damage links but if you really feel like you need Stance, then Mihile is a link for you. Thunder Breaker The tough part of the class is managing the Gauge and Combos. In summary, hoyoung is a very difficult class with 2 different resource to manage and a combo system. Level 25: Consumes 1000 MP. Cooldown: 11 seconds. Reactivation cooldown: 3 seconds. Summon a spirit flame for 30 seconds. Increase Buff Duration. One character can only have a max of 12 Link Skills, excluding their own. Hoyoung / Ho Young is an Anima Thief, and it is the first ever playable class from that branch which was released in KMS. Lv. The combo stage resets after reaching stage 3. Transforms one of your clones into a clone of your master, who then proceeds to nag your enemies' ears off. Greatly increases the Attack Power and number of clones created with Talisman: Clone. Enemies hit by the fan will take an additional 20%p damage. Skill will activate when you use Ground-Shattering Wave (Clone), Stone Tremor (Clone), Iron Fan Gale (Clone), or Consuming Flames (Clone). Lv. Link Skill Bravado Enemy Defense Ignored: + 5 / 10% Damage: + 9 / 14% against enemies with 100% HP. 20: Talisman Energy Cost: 100, Warp Gate Duration: 100 seconds. Level 1: Cooldown: 600 sec. Bravado. When it comes to Hyper skills the Active Skills are all great and for passive skills, I chose the ones that would make Bossing the easiest. Personally, I think the Hoyoung class is a lot of fun and worth investing into. 5th job skills are highly dependent on getting nodes, so you are going to need to have a farming character or have some drop gear on your Hoyoung. Xenon. Lv. 5: MP Cost: 30. What's everyone's thoughts on HoYoung's Link Skill? Categories: KMST Tags: 5th job, anima, grandis, hoyoung, hyper skill, link skill, thief. You will be invincible while casting and holding the key down. Excellent mobility to allow him to clear map quickly. If you’re looking for a class that requires little management and presses a minimal amount of keys, this class is not for you. Level 30: Consumes 100 Scroll Power. Shared Cash Shop. 20: Damage: +10%. If Scroll: Summon Mountain Spirit hits an enemy with Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. Cooldown: 100 seconds. Ho Young, a member of the Anima race in Grandis, is a thief who learned special magic from the Celestial World. When vortex disappears, restore 5% of the Max HP and Max MP of party members for each energy absorbed. So have you put the final touch on your training. Ho Young’s Maple Union effect is 10/20/40/80/100 LUK. ( Log Out /  Hoyoung’s Link Skill is called Bravado which is good for extra Ignore Enemy Defense (IED) and a damage boost when fighting against mobs with 100% HP. Soul can be equipped. Master level 1: I forgot what the description was. LUK + 10 / 20 / 40 / 80 / 100. After the clones are created, they cannot be recreated for 1.5 seconds. While holding the key down, consumes 20 Scroll Power per second. Level 1: Cooldown: 10 sec. Deals 330% damage 6 times on up to 8 enemies. -MP Cost: 16, Max Hit: 5, DMG: 70%, Number of Attacks: 5 times, 10: Attack Power: +10, Final Damage: +10%, Critical Rate: +10%, Critical Damage: +10%, Enemy Defense Ignored: +10%, Avoidability: +10%. Heavily relies on refilling and using gauge. Deals 140% damage 5 times on up to 6 enemies. 20: MP Cost: 40, Damage: 80%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 4. If you reuse the skill, the vortex will disappear and you will heal your party members’ HP and MP by 5% per essence. If Scroll: Butterfly Dream hits an enemy with Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. Lv. Temporarily gain the power to fly. Transformation Duration(Normal Enemies Only): 60 seconds. The attacks are slow and not so efficient. Can be stacked with buffs other than Speed Infusion. As Taotie devours more spirits, his power grows... and so does yours. EQUIPMENT TYPE: Thief Swallows monsters for a certain Hoyoung is a luck based ANIMA class thief with the power of Sage magic. Level 20: Consumes 50 MP. Does not stack with Hyper Body. Can be stacked with other buff skills, except Bless and Advanced Blessing. (required skill: level 5 Hand Fan Mastery), (level 10 required for the 4th job skill Advanced Hand Fan Mastery), Ground Wave: Fake, Wind Wave: Fake, or Destruction Flame: Fake.

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