What can I say that hasn't been said? Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum was launched in 2017.
It does not smell like a dentist office, medicinal or cotton candy to me. Sweet, but ok. Once it has reached its dry-down, the fragrance can be summarized as a sweet fruity candy-like resinous fragrance with some woody, musky and floral notes that is very pleasant, unisex, projects very well and it has a very high-appeal factor.

I don't understand all the hype this version has! One spray in the warmer and two sprays in the colder weather. The woody, ambery dry down, supported by the sweet fruits creates such a similar scent that many won’t notice that much of a difference. Cotton Candy, while sitting on a cozy sofa next to a warm fireplace in the evening.
@bovogie If you bought it from MFK website, you should definitely email them about your batch issue. This fragrance is so special. It sort of has a fishy undertone asked a couple of people and they have said the same. Our emails are filled with the latest fashion collections, events and offers at Selfridges, we may tailor emails and online advertising to the things you love so they are relevant to your location, what you've shown an interest in and the things you buy from us. Baccarat Rouge 540 is not just a scent, it has many auras or facets, that people need to experience on different occasions. Can’t believe that I just received this as a gift, after a cheaper perfume shopping spree (Lush and others- lucky me- I always receive niche/expensive perfumes, even if they’re not my jam). A lot of what I’d heard rings true. The middle notes are violet and jasmine. The smell is divine believe it or not. It’s much weaker and it doesn’t project almost at all. Included hedione (a synthetic jasmine-like note) helps to further add to the scintillating quality of the composition. I doesn’t seem very strong or projective at all? He said this is one of his favourites. Instead, on my skin this smells very much like blood. Big love. After I spray it I can barely smell it on myself. And today when I wore it, just got a compliment from a friend after spraying it 12 hours ago. Then I bought it for my birthday, of course without trying, after almost a year. Key notes . I love it, if I had to choose 3 perfumes for a lifetime, it would be definitelly Baccarat.. 3 bottles of it. I just tested this in the store, and I apologised to the saleswoman before I said this -and she burst into laughter- and I apologise to all the lovers of Baccarat Rouge here; This smells like a warmed Persian Saffron Rock Candy aka (Nabaat-e-Dagh-e-Zaaferani)! I just do not see what all the hype is about. I would love to know what Baccarat Rouge 540 smells like, but despite having tested it several times, I have absolutely no idea. First of all this parfume was a love-"hate"-love relationship for me. Choose a collection day at checkout, next day available at some locations. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsy’s Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. Why it’s so similar: Burberry Her is one of those fragrances that isn’t exactly similar but comes very close. Unfortunately, I don't get any of the sweet, burned sugar smell that was mentioned in many reviews here. Surely something so expensive and raved about in the fragrance world couldn't equal a cheaper celebrity perfume ! I don’t want to be part of that kind of forum. I dont get the Hype about this. This smells like if a doctor wearing latex gloves cooked a pinecone in caramelized sugar with some seasalt. Also, you are probably going nose blind by smelling it a lot. Needless to say this is now and may forever be my number one. Francis Kurkdjian is passionate about scent and founded his eponymous label in 2009. It's sweet, but I was expecting something more feminine. You’re supporting a shop close to home with your purchase.>. Sweet it is. Tried a sample of this, sorry just don’t get the hype, it has to be the most boring fragrance ever. I do not smell the "beast modeness" of this either. Gahh! It’s truly a unisex fragrance, I’d love smelling it on anyone. My nose just doesn't connect with this one. 4 people have this in their baskets right now. A great every day wearer. Totally anosmic to it, like a few others here who've had the same problem. This is an estimate based on purchase date, the seller's location and processing time, and the delivery destination and carrier. It's not a bad smell, it's nice, but not how I want to smell. I have tried several times. I had no idea what to expect, and although fragrances in general are hard to describe, this one is even harder. Don't forget to add [email protected] to your address book to make sure our emails arrive safely into your inbox. I have smelled over 30 fragrances that afternoon and this is the only one that got stuck in my head. It’s sharp, green, and effervescent. If warmth had a fragrance, this is it. Masterpiece? As it continues to dry, it gets a bit sweeter again - but that rubber smell is definitely still there. Worth the money? I know this probably is a reflection of me being a novice in this fragrance world, but I learn so much from all of your reviews so THANK YOU! And by the way, if you want a much more affordable version of this fragrance and also very persistent, try Lattafa Opulent Musk. Im literally obsessed and I will never find anything like this I dont think I could ever get bored of it! I could drink this delicious juice! JUST A NOTE: It takes a while for this to start "projecting like crazy", but it will happen! Because it is so expensive, I tell many people B&BW makes a similar dupe (In The Stars) because many of the ladies I work with cannot spend $350 on a perfume. I completely disagree this perfume has weak performance.

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