Good luck! They are often valued by collectors because of the pretty etching that often adorns them. Our Pewter Bars are approximately 1 pound each and are made up of 92% Tin, 7.5% Antimony, and 0.5% Copper. Thomas Otley & Sons, in Sheffield, England, produced Britannia goods between 1872-1911 that were nickel plate, electroplate on metal, and electroplate on nickel silver. Thanks, Pewter is commonly found in a wide variety of utensils and decorations, including common household items like pots, flatware, mugs, candlesticks, and decorative elements. We have several pieces of Michael Ricker pewter that are all numbered on the bottom. ©2013 - 2020 More Holdings LLC | All Rights Reserved. Where would I look to find the estimated value and where to sell them? Marks on pewter might be helpful identifiers, but most of the time there was no regulatory body in place to ensure that pewterers put truthful marks on their pieces. With respect to pewter, “reproduction” refers to any item that was made following the same production methods and using the same materials as older models. To get an exact estimate, the best option is probably to take that item to a local pewter dealer as well to find out how much it’s worth. I don’t . Answered, How Much Are Bakugans Worth (Including Rare Bakugan Cards)? I have a 200 plus piece collection for sale do you know any buyers in the Kansas city area? Hi Alison, Or contact an auction service? Small cut works for us and could help you. ) I don’t have a number in mind. Would like to sell around 11 for it with collection preferred Delivered anywhere in UK . Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Sardhana Road, Meerut Suggested article: How Much Is Lead Worth? It explains how you can find a local antique dealer. Thank you. Two unused hantel unused scrap books. Amritsar, Punjab, U-2, Diamond World, Mangadh Chowk, Mini Bazar, Varachha Road, Surat - 395006, Dist. Are they worth anything? I have a 6″ diameter pewter plate with raised rim and raised stylized lobster on top. According to the Pewter Society, many high-quality pieces of pewter aren’t marked at all. Tin prices generally fluctuate between $7 and $11 per pound. It sounds like what you have are not antiques, but more modern pieces. Pewter is an alloy, or a mix of different metals. Antique pewter may or may not be marked. It would be great to find out more. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Tin prices generally fluctuate between $7 and $11 per pound. Each one has somone’s initials in script font on the front and they are dated from 1732-1737 in the same font. Is It Real…, Is 12K Gold Worth Anything? Mumbai, Maharashtra, G-4, Sector-18, Sector 18, Noida - 201301, Dist. When you find the yard you would like to scrap your pewter at, you can find their contact information and pricing for pewter and other metals. - If you are not satisfied, you can send it back! If you are interested in making a very large order, please contact us directly for pricing and availability. Thank You. Four are plaques in original boxes, titled Kirin Plaque 7218, Phoenix Plaque 7217, Tortoise Plaque 7219, and Dragon Plaque 7216. I have what looks like a chalice and there are 6 of then. In today’s market, the value of contemporary pewter is going down, but for rarer or older pieces, value is only appreciating. Our content does not substitute a professional consultation. Antique and vintage pewter items can fetch high rates from the right buyers. The price of pewter varies, but on average is around $11 to $13 per ounce, as of 2015. Surat, Gujarat, No. Some dealers will sell for for you for a commission (you get to put the items on display in the store and when they sell, the store will get a cut) or you can sell to these stores directly.

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