If a person was there, it would have serious injuries. Therefore it is only fitting that the mirrors be covered up in the house of the mourners. This is a important message that should be taken with us from the house of mourning into the real world. Creates Insomnia. Yes, beings can get trapped in them, but I also believe they are portals between mirrors where beings/spirits can jump from destination to destination. Keeping the mirrors covered keeps mourners, who are already dealing with enough problems, from being startled by the sight of these death-loving goblins. Some people believe that, after a person passes away, the next person to look in the mirror will be the next to die. I, too, wondered about the exact reasons for doing such things and looked up the reasons years ago after seeing 'Fried Green Tomatoes' one day. My vantity mirror is covered with a sheet, and I only lift it up as needed to look at something quickly. It's hard to know whether to believe these superstitions or not. Great hub...very interesting, I would love to read some more like it! This belief, or superstition, is that when the deceased person is put onto a stretcher, they should always be taken out the door feet first. From what I remember, there wasn't a mirror in the room, so there was no need to cover it. Well, Maybe… – An Assortment of Mars Conspiracies, Don’t Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Know That Bigfoot And Dogman Are Real, The Disturbing Case of the Dark Mirror: Investigating the Haunted Object That’s Terrified Hundreds, The Mysterious Metallic Boner of Victor Noir: For a Better Love Life, Rub this Dead Guy’s Magic Crotch, Tokoloshe Troubles: Report Claims Violent Goblins Launching a Massive South Africa Invasion, Phenomenacon: Attend the World’s First Online Paranormal Conference, Featuring Your Favorite Paranormal TV Stars, Groundbreaking Paranormal Documentary Series “Hellier” Returns with Ten Haunting Episodes of Appalachian Mystery, Travel Channel’s “Haunted Salem: Live” Features the “Paranormal Dream-Team” in Live, Four-Hour Ghost Hunt, Meet Devin Person, a Real-Life Wizard Who Grants Wishes on the New York City Subway. Thanks so much for your comment! However if you feel it’s necessary, Keep it covered. I really enjoyed this hub, as it reminded me of all the superstitions and old sayings of my great grandparents. Once you park your car for the night, make sure you put the rearview mirror back into daytime driving mode. Shining Irish Eyes from Upstate, New York on January 06, 2013: I am old enough to remember my Irish Nana performing the mirror and clock ritual. It is said that if the mirrors aren’t covered, the spirit of the deceased may become trapped in one and not be able to move on to the afterlife. My personal belief is that a mirror is nothing more than an ordinary piece of glass and a clock is an annoying device that was invented just to irritate me. This is to prevent the soul's deceased from getting trapped in the mirror. Isn't that the golden rule, anyway—to treat others as you would like to be treated? It drove me nuts when my sister would place her up to the mirror to look at herself. As we begin to remind ourselves of this special aspect of the deceased and we reminiscence about the person we bring that fine and unique aspect of the dead person into our personality in a miniscule manner. as well as being sure the deceased goes out the door feet first. We Irish, at least my strain believed the spirit stays with loved ones for three days before going to heaven. I can see how covering a mirror to prevent how one looks during grieving would help the emotional status of a person. A perfect example of this is stopping the clock in order to have a record of the time of death. As we recall the particular fine qualities of this person we assimilate a small part of that person into our essence too. •    Ancient Chinese believed that mirrors frightened away evil spirits who were scared by their own appearance. So glad you enjoyed this, thank you for your nice comment, too. But I especially love to hear about spooky superstitions. This might cause the spirit to stay and haunt all who remain in this world. In a time when villages were small and isolated, doctors were few and far between, and hospitals were virtually unheard of, this was a necessity. I personally, have never done that, but due to my own experience of mirrors I hold this belief strongly. Superstition also claims that reflections in the mirror are projections of the person's soul. i have just always done this. This belief is said to have originated in Germany and Great Britain, and it was said that when a person dies, time stands still for that person. Time must go on, but for the grieving it might be comforting to say..."stop, notice, mourn ". :-). This concept is the essence of life and is ironically to be found in the house of death. KathyH (author) from Waukesha, Wisconsin on February 11, 2013: So glad you found this interesting, Ernest! Thanks so much for commenting, I appreciate that! These are the kinds of things I love to write, so I'll see if I can come up with some more interesting topics. Published author in Neon Rainbow Magazine. Uhm... Obviously, whomever is around me has a firm belief in these superstitious beliefs. I know that when my husband's mother passed away (over 20 years ago now, I guess), she passed away in the home she and my father-in-law were living in at the time. I believe that clarify your doubts. We talk about the special character qualities that made his or her personality unique. Isn't that the neatest story about the ducks and about how the lake disappeared? Often, I've noticed, elderly people have such beliefs and I've seen them insist on similar practices being carried out on certain occasions. catgypsy from the South on January 06, 2013: I do believe in many superstitions and certainly believe in honoring others beliefs. I'm glad I could help to bring back some good memories for you. jalexartis Photography, CC-BY 2.0, from flickr. We have developed into a society that pushes external manifestations of achievement over the actual achievement itself.

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